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Choose your own adventure

OTA provides philanthropic travel experiences, catering to both volunteers interested in hands-on community development projects and travellers wishing to simply visit community projects and experience the culture.  Click here to read about one group's adventure in Kenya.

Guess What?! If you bring five friends, you can travel FREE!  

That's right! If six people book on a Tailored Safari, one travels FREE!

Tailor-made Safaris

We provide charters for individuals and small groups, working together to design an itinerary that fits your desires.  We encourage you to incorporate visits to community-based organisations (CBOs) and projects into the itinerary, which will give you the opportunity to directly experience the projects through meeting the leaders and some of those people benefiting from the work. 

Private charters can cater to a range of budgets, according to your needs.  Whether it is a camping holiday you are looking for or a five-star lodge safari, we can organise it. 

Travelling with OTA does not mean you are solely focused on visiting CBOs.  We will incorporate sight-seeing and indeed the majority of the tour time will be spent visiting the highlights of the region.


We also offer birding tours, working with specialists in East Africa's avian life. Click here to see the full list of bird species available in Kenya.

School Programs

OTA hosts school groups interested in expanding the curriculum and in giving students a broader world view.  The school programs focus on community development projects but can include some sight-seeing along the way (e.g. climb Mt Kilimanjaro).  Students can volunteer at one project for the entire duration of their stay or visit a number of projects for shorter periods of time. 

The purpose of the school programs is to give students hands-on experience in development work and to expose them to the types of labour their peers in other countries may experience every day.  Working side by side with local students builds camaraderie, empathy and understanding of the other culture.  It is a chance for both sides to learn.

The accommodation on these trips is usually camping with full participation from the students for cooking and cleaning.  Living outdoors provides an additional personal challenge to most students, giving them the opportunity to grow into capable, confident and tolerant young adults.



At OTA, we believe that if a person is willing to offer their time, then that is more valuable than money.  We offer those willing to give their time the opportunity without exorbitant administration fees.  At the same time however, we realise that the CBOs with whom we work are not funded well enough to fully sponsor volunteers.  As a result, we ask the volunteers to be able to cover the cost of their food and lodging.  We can offer a range of lodging options from renting an apartment to staying with a host family.  A typical volunteer experience can last anywhere between one month and one year.

In volunteering with the organisations we support you will be directly helping a community with your special skills.  These are organisations that do not have much access to foreign volunteers so you would be working side by side with local people and be completely immersed in the culture.

My friend and I had a great time with OTA. Tracey was really helpful with her e-mails and I knew exactly what to expect. Our plane was several hours delayed but the driver had patiently waited for us at the airport. He knew exactly where to go and we could take as much time at each attraction as we wanted. We were also able to leave donations for the 'Pack for a Purpose' group with him. It was an excellent day trip.


- Jasmine Sun, Canada

Nairobi City Tour, August 2013

Partners' combined experience of 17 years

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